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About Tetra Window Cleaning

Tetra Window Cleaning was formed by professional cleaners in the industry with a combined total of over 12 years of experience! We make it a goal to complete the job with excellence and we take pride in the service, not only to getting the job done, but also delivering customer experience and satisfaction that exceeds expectations.

Tetra Window Cleaning has hit the market, providing high-quality and friendly cleaning services to residential, commercial, industrial and essentially any property with windows. We aim to form trust where customers should not be concerned or getting the wrong information or false promises. This is where we step in, committed to getting what you need done and when you need it.

Professional Window Cleaners

Our window cleaning team have high standards of training and experience ready to take on any job. We follow safe work practices and our team are fully insured. Our window cleaning services covers Sydney-wide. We’ve worked on loads of properties, from small homes to large franchises.

We take responsibility in our work not only for you but the environment as well. We use biodegradable, non-toxic products that is safe for you, your family, pets and more. So sit back and relax, with our professional services you won’t need to worry.

  • We help you get that bond back.
  • We get rid of stains and grime effectively.
  • We can come out that same day because you need us.
  • We offer Free Quotes that are competitive with NO hidden fees
  • We are Insured
  • We use Non toxic cleaning products
  • We are your local window cleaners and problem solvers
  • We make your windows look crystal clear.

Contact Tetra Window Cleaning to getting the best possible professional cleaning outcome. Effective, efficient and affordable world-class quality window cleaning services at the touch of a button away.

“It’s how window cleaning is done.”


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