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Tetra Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning Sydney

When you are looking to get your residential windows cleaned, you want the job done efficiently and effectively. At Tetra Window Cleaning, we guarantee that our house window cleaning and domestic window cleaning solution will have your windows in fantastic condition!

Hiring professionals to clean your house windows by nature saves you time and money. It also removes the risk of harming yourself when you are trying to do the job yourself. With Tetra Residential Window Cleaning services, you will receive a guaranteed quality end result founded by many years of experience from our team of house window cleaners.

Tetra Window Cleaning utilises widely tested home window cleaning techniques in order to find just the appropriate method specifically for your windows. All windows are different, whether you live in a granny flat, apartment or a duplex, there’s no window and glass that we can’t clean.

We completely understand everyone needs privacy. Our team of residential window cleaners take great care when carrying out our service in and around your homestead and guarantee you privacy and safety will be 100% respected. That’s our promise to you!

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“It’s how window cleaning is done.”

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Professional Residential Window Cleaners

Our residential window cleaning Sydney service can consist of washing the inside and/or the outside of the glass pane as well as cleaning the frames and sills of your windows!

We only use a professional grade glass scraper and always lubricating the surface with our specially formulated detergent before using it, we make sure the blade is always in top condition and replace scraper blades when damaged or dull from use. And for those hard to reach places, we use a ladder and manually clean the glass. Along with the highest quality tools, we ensure consistency across the work that we do.

The glass dries streak-free naturally whilst all minerals and water impurities are cleared out prior to the washing. For eliminating stains and excess buildup of dust, the technique that we uphold is an efficient method for cleaning exterior house windows. Our team of house window cleaners are specially trained and follows safe work practices so they are reliable and can complete any job with expertise.

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Why Choose Us For Your Residential Window Cleaning Sydney Needs?

  • We are committed to providing you with premium quality residential window cleaning for buildings types of all sizes, whether big or small. We guarantee our work will be of your satisfaction and beyond.
  • We are earnest in emphasizing safety, quality, and exceptional customer service.
  • We pride ourselves in maintaining a strong long-term relationship with our customers with utmost care and respect. You’ll receive caring and personalised customer service from our company from beginning to end, providing one of the friendliest service in window cleaning Sydney.
  • We are always reaching great heights and lengths, whether you are an owner with a large or small property, we will certainly be available for your property type.
  • We do not take shortcuts and do not surprise you with hidden fees or costs. We provide excellent work for a reasonable price without hassle on your part. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • We are more than happy to discuss a maintenance schedule that suits your routine best with our flexible hours.
  • We are the ultimate domestic window cleaners near you!

At Tetra Window Cleaning Sydney we understand that the task at hand is needed to be done quickly yet thoroughly in order to leave your home with a lasting impression. We make sure that your windows are free of smudges, spots and stains. Allow us to give your windows a shine, creating a clearer vision for your residential property inside and out. Call us today to start seeing results!

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Other window cleaning services we offer


Tetra Window Cleaning Sydney offers commercial window cleaning near you, we are the perfect cost effective service for businesses of all sizes, from small shop fronts to large corporations – Cafe’s, restaurants, clothing stores, offices, workshops and more!


We guarantee to provide an efficient and professional strata window cleaning solution for all maintenance property types, from units, apartments, townhouses and more, leaving you and your clients with an even clearer view.


We have been offering our clients professional, prompt and affordable industrial window cleaning services for years. We know a good window cleaner can completely transform your property inside and out!

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What everyone has been saying – Testimonials

“Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its services – 100%. This is an easy 5 stars. Great affordable service and a very nice professional team. We will certainly be calling them in the future.”
- Janaye N.

“Tetra has completely surpassed our expectations. The team member arrived on time, was considerate and careful as they worked outside of my home. They did a lovely job on my windows and avoided disrupting the surroundings. I thought the price was reasonable. Will use them again. ”

- Cristine S.